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After - the beds were refilled.

It takes a village...

My father-in-law and son helped me in the garden this weekend. We weeded and built a small blueberry garden. I had to transplant my blueberry bushes in the fall. They actually seem much happier down here!

Teach them young.

Happy blueberries.

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As much as I enjoy the creativity and expression of writing, I'm not always going to have the time to do it. What I can't do with words I'm going to have to do with images....at least for this week.

The beds have been weeded and smudged. An offering of tobacco was made.

The garlic made it through the winter.

Mushroom compost

Building a garden into a hillside is a great way to utilize space! But being on a hillside can also mean erosion and after about 25 trips up that little hill with a wheel barrow filled with compost I was cursing our choice of locations.

I got the job done. Well, half the job.

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I love salt scrubs. They are one of my favorite ways to use essenatial oils as part of my skin care routine. Salt Scrubs can be used year round by swapping out the ingredients as necessary. Salt scrubs are mineral exfoliants packed with the nourishment of a carrier oil and the synergy of an essential oil blend. The blend can serve a multitude of purposes from helping increase circulation, support the skin, clear congestion, and fight germs and bacteria on the skin. Salt scrubs are also time savers, you can clean and moisturize in one shot making it a quick and easy way to practice self care. Salt scrubs can help support our mood. I could go on and on.

I made a quick salt scrub to use in the shower after working in the garden all day. Since it was the first time in months my skin was exposed to direct sunlight for an extended period of time and having been covered in dirt and pollen which clung to me like glue due to all the sweat, I needed to make a blend that would disinfect me while helping protect and heal my skin. Luckily it is spring and many essential oils that support the skin are florals so I knew this blend was going to smell amazing! I came up with this quick blend to nourish my skin, honor the scent of spring and scrub away dead skin and germs. May I present to you....Spring Salt Scrub:

2 ounces sea salt

1 ounce Apricot Kernel Oil - super nourishing for damaged skin. It also leaves skin glowing.

3 drops Rose Absolute

3 drops Jasmin Absolute

2 drops Lavender

2 drops Ylang Ylang *lowers blood pressure use with caution

2 drops Tea Tree