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Updated: May 4, 2019

My ride or die chicks tilling the soil.

It's that time of year again...spring cleaning. In the fall, when that first frost hits, its like an episode of Chopped. The timer has gone off, I have to stop gardening and put my tools down. It's a relief honestly. Anyone who is even a little serious about gardening, no matter how much they love it, is ready to be done come autumn. We pay the price in the spring.

In early spring my garden is a mess. Filled with brown, dried, lifeless stalks and stems, leafs in various states of decomposition with the occasional remains of a forgotten vegetable. Now it's not all doom and gloom in the garden. There are signs of life everywhere from the chickweed that has totally taken over all of my beds to the first leafs of lemon balm and the exotic stalks of valerian. The garlic sure seems vigorous and of course the early gift of spring...strawberries!!!! It is time to wake up and grow. It is time to get down and dirty.

Every spring when I clear out the old garden remains and prepare the beds for new life I smudge with white sage. I preform this ritual as a way to release the past and clear the way for what is next and most importantly to honor the Divine for the gift of life and sustenance. My 10 year old son joined me in prayer and preformed the ritual this year. As he walked around the garden we prayed:

As I hold the plant in my hand

it turns to smoke

rising in the air

connecting us with the Divine.

This is why I love the garden. It is a place to experience the Divine. It is a place of love and connection, a place of beauty, medicine, taste, sounds and scents that open my soul to the infinity of love that flows through us if we just take a slow breath in and then out.

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